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Australia's So Bad At Cricket Now We Can Only Laugh And Cry

Whatever, we beat the Poms in Eurovision.

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Here's Australia's massive effort put together in one seven second Vine.

And so, in true Australian form, all we could do was embrace it and try not to cry.

Social media has field day with Australia’s #Ashes capitulation

Burn the ashes and make another ashes out of those ashes because Aussie cricket died tonight. #ashes


Some excellent Wikipedia tampering already this morning. #bantz #Ashes

04W24W0W04100000W40000110W020000401000W000000000101000011W0011200010040040000W1W30000000000000400000000000001004W: Aus innings in one tweet.

Of course, the bad news ain't the past. It's the future.

There's been some horrible images out of the cricket - but this might be the most disturbing. Not a drop for days.