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This Model Tried To Do The Three Litre Milk Challenge And Things Did Not Go Well

This post contains vomiting, lol.

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Hey! Here's a video of model and Miss Earth New Zealand 2013 winner Nela Zisser drinking three litres of milk. :)

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Nela Zisser is a model and competitive eater who last made headlines for managing to eat a 2lb burrito in two minutes, finish off 120 chicken nuggets, and eat five feet worth of Subway sandwiches in under 10 minutes.

Nela told BuzzFeed News that she had only watched "a couple of videos" before deciding to try out the challenge herself.

"Miki Sudo actually did it without vomiting and then jumped off that huge tower in Vegas. I didn't know what the outcome would be until it happened but it wasn't too bad."

She managed to finish the milk challenge in just over two minutes. Nela stressed that the general public shouldn't attempt this.

"I'm a professional so I know the risks involved and how to handle the situation if something goes wrong, but the general public shouldn't attempt it!"


Of course, the challenge wasn't all sunshine and daisies, with Nela going on to vomit up "about half" the three litres she ingested.

"Only about half the milk came back up," said Nela. "I wasn't planning on vomiting but it just happened."