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    Posted on 3 Mar 2016

    People Are Either Really Pleased Or Really Angry About Mitchell Pearce's Fine

    The Sydney Roosters playmaker was handed an eight-week suspension and a $125,000 fine.

    Rooster's halfback Mitchell Pearce has copped an eight-week suspension and a $125,000 fine for his Australia Day antics this year.

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    The NSW State of Origin representative was filmed in a drunken state on Australia Day, with footage showing him simulating sex with a dog and approaching a woman aggressively.

    The Herald Sun reports that $50,000 of the fine is suspended.

    Earlier this week, Pearce denied being an alcoholic.

    Fox Sports

    "Alcoholism has a lot of different things... I'm a binge drinker, ever since i was 18 I have loved a drink," he said on Fox Sports.

    "Obviously [alcohol] has always brought negativity to my life... But it wasn't until I went through the [rehab] program, and saw the effects and learned about my addictive personality, I've kinda realised it's no good for me, and it won't be a part of me from this point on."

    Some people thought the punishment was harsh on the playmaker, believing the eight-week suspension to be over the top.

    Mitchell Pearce is guilty of being a goose and probably deserves 1 month for repeat offences NOT 3 months! Doogooders having a sook #NRL

    That punishment for Mitchell Pearce seems pretty excessive

    Whopping fine for NRL's Mitchell Pearce over drunken dog incident. $125k and an 8 week ban... Ouch. Heaviest fine in Aussie league history.

    Mitchell Pearce $120000 and 8 weeks, right or wrong he has a private life, then some grub films it, doesn't warrant that punishment

    While others thought the punishment wasn't enough, citing similar instances with former NRL stars David Carney and Joel Monaghan.

    Only 8 weeks for Mitchell Pearce??? Serioulsy? that is a joke. Sorry. It's a bloody slap on the wrist @NRL #NRL But typical of its "stars".

    Bet Todd Carney and Joel Monaghan wish they were afforded the level of leniency shown to #MitchellPearce #slaponthewrist #NRL


    And one person pointed out that the fine – which is the largest the NRL has ever handed down – overshadows punishments doled out to players convicted of assaulting women.

    Mitchell Pearce gets 8 weeks and $125K fine, meaning the NRL view simulating a lewd act with a dog worse than glassing or belting a woman.

    Pearce will return to the NRL on April 30.

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