People Are Pissed With A Comedian After He Brought A Kangaroo On Stage During A Performance

    The "Next Friday" star said he made a "bad decision" when he allowed a fully grown adult kangaroo to be led onto the stage in the final parts of his Detroit show on Friday.

    Comedian, actor and rapper Mike Epps has apologised for bringing a kangaroo on stage during a show in Detroit last Friday.

    Whyyyy did they bring the kangaroo on stage at Mike Epps show 😩😭. I love Detroit

    "I made a bad decision," he told TMZ. "I made a bad move.

    "I make mistakes all the time, y'know, but when it comes to animals I'm an animal lover."

    Footage of Epps with a harnessed adult kangaroo went viral on Sunday and outraged animal lovers.

    Mike Epps your a fucking disgrace! That was so horrible, imagine how fucking scared that kangaroo was. You should be ashamed of yourself

    Yo Mike Epps can eat a dick after bringing that Kangaroo out on stage for one of his shows. Roo was not having fun

    Can someone please explain why Mike Epps is harassing a kangaroo in his stand up routines?

    In a statement, animal rights organisation PETA described the act as "animal abuse" and condemned Epps.

    "High stress situations, such as being confronted by a noisy crowd and being made to 'dance', can kill kangaroos who are prone to myopathy," said the statement.

    Epps was shocked by the backlash and quickly moved to apologise, saying he would donate to the Save the Kangaroo foundation.

    "The plan was to take the kangaroo and just run across the back of the stage and the crowd would laugh and I would be like 'what the hell was that'?" he said.

    "That's not what happened... it just made me look bad, man."

    The kangaroo's handler, Exotic Zoo owner Javon Stacks, is also under fire, with many saying he should have the kangaroo taken from him after footage of the 'roo bouncing through Detroit went viral last week.

    The US Department of Agriculture is also investigating the Friday night incident to determine if the kangaroo was mishandled.

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