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25 Things People From Melbourne Love

Coffee and street art and Nando's, oh my!

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1. Coffee.

This one is obvious, what with Melbourne having a pretty concrete reputation as the coffee-capital of Australia.

2. Lecturing out-of-towners about coffee.

"It's not a milkshake, lol!"

3. Alleyways.

OMG, so cute. But also grungy and totally not cute. Promise.

4. Nando's.

Legit there are so many Nando's in Melbourne you sometimes feel like you're slowly suffocating in a peri peri-induced haze. Not that that's a bad thing.


6. Complaining about Myki.

This shit drives me insane. Sometimes you tap on, sometimes you tap off. Sometimes it's free! And this is all if it ever, ever, works.

7. AFL.

Actually a fun sport to watch / play that makes absolutely no sense.

8. Terrariums.

These are cool, I guess. So good on you Melbourne.


9. Saying Northcote "North-ket".

This is frustrating, even if it's the way it's "meant" to be said.

10. Tibetan Prayer Flags.

Plenty of Fitzroy and Brunswick houses have these dangling around the outside - letting everyone know that they really approve of other cultures. Good on you Melbourne.

12. Coopers longnecks.

A solid choice.


13. But also, craft beer. It depends on who they're around.

Are you chilling with people who know that you drink Coopers because it's "normal"? If not, you need to look the part, so grab that craft beer and go for it.

15. Cafes that look closed, but aren't.

This is weird, but it does feel nice once you're in there. Like your own private cafe, even if the place is packed.

16. Bars that look closed, but aren't.

Similar to the cafes, but with alcohol!


17. Bikes.

The ~optimal~ way to get around.

18. Classy street art that is still "edgy".

This is nice, art is nice. It's nice the council doesn't spray over this.

19. Eating in converted trains / skips / other vessels.

Because regular rooms are dumb, stupid, and mainstream.


21. Coloured hair.

You rock this look, Melbourne. Coloured hair is awesome.

22. Tattoos.

Bonus points for a tattoo of an AFL crest.

23. No indicating, just kinda doin' what you want.

WTF guys. WTF.

24. Really getting "in" to smaller foods / seasonings.

Nth Melb Fish&Chipper has a salt menu because we need examples to explain what went so wrong when the world ends.

Love me some salt.

25. Aprons.

If you are running out of business ideas, go to Melbourne and sell aprons. I promise you you'll make a profit.