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21 Reasons Melbourne Is The Greatest Place In The World

This is all 100% factual.

1. Melbourne is hands-down the greatest city in Australia, and there's plenty of reasons.

2. The transport in Melbourne is phenomenal - with its welcoming aura capturing the intrigue of multiple species...

3. Like birds...

4. Possums...

5. And Batman!

6. Of course, all are welcome.

7. And it's generally accepted you can even bring your lawnmower on.

(As long as you bring beers, too.)

8. Salt in Melbourne is plentiful and diverse.

Nth Melb Fish&Chipper has a salt menu because we need examples to explain what went so wrong when the world ends.

9. As well as eating ~locations~.

Collingwood, where you can get in the bin and have your lunch too.

10. Graffiti is next-level in Melbs.

11. And garbage men are thoughtful and conscientious.

12. The vending machines in Melbourne are fantastic!

13. And the busses are deep and introspective.

14. The city is happy to wish good fortune upon the locals.

15. And provide positive feedback on advertisements.

16. Of course, cycling is always an option.

17. There's plenty of ways to get around!

18. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger loves to go for a cycle.

19. Of course, Melbournians love their coffee (almost as much as they love reviewing it!)

20. Melbourne is creative with its street signs.

21. And even dogs are well looked after, with each one given a pair of "driving goggles."

Melbourne: it's everything you've ever wanted AND MORE!

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