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    Why Are People So Interested In The "Shit Brick Fences Of Melbourne?"

    Is this the beginning of a shit brick fence revolution?

    "Shit brick fences of Melbourne" is a Facebook group that has become more and more prevalent on social media over the past six months.

    Quite obviously, the page is an aggregation of Melbourne's famed brickwork architecture.

    But why are people so interested in it?

    Every fence on this page marks a degree of human fallibility, some are technically perfect exercises in ugliness, some misguided attempts to put things right and others are fate exacted on an imperfect medium. But they were all made by people, some proud, some desperate some just misguided but people all the same.

    Indeed, the fences seem to make a statement either way.

    The fences have become a passage, through which people are able to express their adolescence, growth and thoughts on life.

    The photos act as reminders of humanity's responsibilities:

    Or - as one commenter points out - a reflection of self.

    They promote optimism:

    Question postmodern ideas:

    They investigate the reckless nature of bricklayers past:

    And sometimes there is something more to every picture:

    "Shit brick fences of Melbourne:" a reminder of the perils of life, and the struggle of continued existence in this controversial and difficult planet we call Earth.

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