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McDonald's Australia Will Not Be Changing Their Nugget Recipe

Thank ye merciful gods.

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McDonald's Australia has confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the Australian branches of the fast food giant will not be changing their McNugget recipe, unlike American stores.

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McDonald's America began testing new, preservative-free nuggets in 140 stores across Oregon and Washington in early March.

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McDonald's told AP News the new nugget recipe was "simpler" and "would make parents feel good".

Previously, oil used to fry McNuggets contained TBHQ, an artificial preservative. It's believed this is one of the things McDonald's is changing for the new McNugget.

McDonald's Australia does use TBHQ in some of its food.

A spokesperson for McDonald's Australia said the trial was only in a small number of restaurants, and that there is no clear plan to extend beyond the U.S at this time.

"This trial is in a small number of restaurants. We'll continue to assess customer feedback before determining if it will extend beyond the U.S," the spokesperson said.