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Man Arrested After Driving With His Knees While Eating McFlurry

This never would have happened if he didn't have to flurry it himself.

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A Melbourne man in his 20s has been arrested after he was "McBusted" eating a McFlurry and steering his car with his knees in Point Cook yesterday afternoon.

"Police were traveling alongside a Toyota Corolla on the Princes Freeway when they saw the male driver eating an ice cream with two hands about 4pm," said Victoria Police in a statement.

It is entirely possible that the man was trying to flurry his Mcflurry, upset that it had not been flurried by machine in a McDonald's prior.

But then, anything is possible.

BuzzFeed recently investigated the claims that McFlurries were no longer being flurried in the traditional, and appropriate, way.

The man's car was impounded for 30 days, and he is to be charged on careless driving and other traffic-related offenses.

Police say if his drug tests are confirmed, he will also be charged with drug driving.