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18 Reasons Matt Preston Should Be Every Australian's God

"Our Matt Preston, who art in culinary heaven, hallowed be thy name."

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4. We're talkin' about a guy who owns over 100 fucking cravats.

I literally don't own 100 of anything. And I'm not saying that in that irritating teenage girl "OMG literally!" way where it has no substance. I mean it. Literally.

5. While the rest of the Masterchef judges joke about the size of a cucumber like fucking four-year-olds, Matt looks down at them like the peasants they are.


9. Matt Preston has many looks (most incorporating cravats) and they've done him a world of good.

I got this photo from the prestigious It takes a damn LOT to get on that blog and Presto has probably been on it, like, five times.

11. The comparisons are downright endless.

Surprised Matty P isn't suing The CW for their bullshit "adaptation" of his look. Chuck Bass is the poor man's Matt Preston and don't tell us otherwise.

Practically everyone wants to hang out with Matt Preston.



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