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This Guy Can't Find Anyone To Go To A Taylor Swift Concert With Him And It's Heartbreaking

He's got a spare ticket with a blank space on it.

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Marius Larson moved to Australia from Norway for work two months ago along with three other colleagues.

Before he left Norway, Marius's friends threw him a 30th birthday party and give him two tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in Sydney, which is being held next week. The idea being he would find a girl - or best friend - to take with him.


But he has obviously sussed out Australia's growing bubbler collection.

Confused, alone, and in a strange new land, Marius decided to create a video asking the world to help him find someone to take to the concert.

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Marius told BuzzFeed News he had hoped to meet someone somewhere, but unfortunately it didn't work out.

"I guess there would be a lot of easier ways to do this," he said, "but I just figured it would be fun. And also it could be a nice video postcard back to my friends at the same time."

"I have to say that I really like it here in Australia, and my life here is not as miserable as the video might make it seem. I have made friends here, but I haven't been comfortable telling anyone about this Taylor Swift concert."

"I just happen to really like that 'Shake If Off' song, and also the whole 1989 album is actually really good."

Hopefully, he'll be able to find someone (and won't have to put on sunscreen by himself anymore).