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21 Reasons You Should Definitely Try Living Alone

Try it, it's liberating.

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1. You can walk around naked.


2. Everything becomes your responsibility.


Trust me, this is a good thing. It means you're not relying on anyone else. Everything that happens happens because of you.

3. You can have music as loud as you want.


4. What's clean stays clean.


But be careful, because what's dirty also stays dirty!

5. You can go to the bathroom and leave the door open.

6. Same goes for showers.

7. You can cook whatever you want.

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No allergies that aren't yours. No smells that you're fine with but someone else doesn't like.

8. You can spend more time with yourself.


9. You get to decorate *everything*.


10. When you bring a date home it's not weird.


11. You can change things around.


This bedroom is now a study, and the study is now a bedroom. I can do this because it is my house.

12. No one is eating your food.

13. Or using your shampoo.

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14. You can talk to yourself out loud, in the comfort of your own home, without looking insane.


15. You can have a party whenever you want.


16. For large parts of your day, you don't have to talk to anyone.

17. No one's around to judge you.

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18. You won't have to deal with a rude housemate.

19. Or a nice housemate, who shows up at 2am drunk, screaming your name for help.

20. There's never a wait to use anything.


21. And you don't have to share a bathroom.

This is very, very important.