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People Say They Keep Finding Larvae In Their "Lucky Nuts"

Three instances of bug infestation have been posted to the "Lucky Nuts" Facebook since late April.

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The first posts started on 21 April. Sharon Anderton uploaded a video to the Lucky Nuts Facebook page complaining about the worms and moths "dead AND alive" found in her pack of nuts.

Lucky Nuts responded the next day, writing to Anderton: "Hi Sharon, Thank you for getting in touch. It looks like you have a case of pantry moths and weevils. Unfortunately these pests can penetrate all forms of packaging and are particularly fond of products like nuts, flour and cereal. Please private message us with your contact details and we will be in touch. Thank you."

Next was Liana Neofitou, who wrote about eggs and worms found in her packet of nuts on 2 May.

"Today I was eating your almonds & yoghurt sultana mix on the way home from work until I noticed I had a worm in my hand," she wrote.

"I looked in the box to find eggs in the box. I got home and emptied it into a bowl and have since found another worm. This is absolutely disgusting and made me sick on the train when I saw what I had eaten. I will never be buying these products again."

Lucky Nuts did not respond to this complaint.

Yesterday, Jade Lenneke posted on the Lucky Nuts Facebook saying she discovered a nest inside her box of Lucky Nuts.

"So, here I was having some of your 'Lucky' walnuts, cashews & almonds when I noticed you had included a 'special' extra in the form of a bug, complete with its own house/nest," she wrote.

"While I am grateful my new friend comes complete with its own housing, I only hope (pray and wish) that I haven't consumed any other extras whilst enjoying your snack and considering I only bought your product on Saturday, this was the first box I treated myself to. I have included photos of my newly acquired (albeit dead) friend and evidence of batch number BB date so that no other friends are harmed in future."

A spokesperson for Lucky Nuts said instances of moth and larvae infestation can be from a range of things, including customer storage.

"Customer storage can be one way, or it can be from storage in warehouses. It can be from the raw material. It really depends on the situation."

"For food in general across the board, it depends on the food it is. If it's a natural product like nuts, it's possible. It's inherent."