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    This Is What One Tonne Of Shit-Covered Wet Wipes Looks LIke

    Yeah baby.

    Here's just a small segment of a 7-metre long blockage in Lake Macquarie, which plumbing crew had to use a crane to remove.

    Hunter Water

    Made up of raw sewage and wet wipes, the 7-metre "snake" weighed 750 kilograms.

    Hunter Water

    Hunter Water's Nick Kaiser told ABC News more and more people were using wet wipes instead of toilet paper without considering the environmental effects.

    "The wet wipes are being advertised as basically an extra way to freshen yourself up after the bathroom... The whole 'flushable wet wipe' issue is actually a global issue."

    "The safest way to think about what you can put down your toilet is the three Ps: pee, paper and poo."

    "Everything else should stay out of the sewer. Unfortunately, there are no actual standards for what is flushable. So you'll flush the toilet and the wet wipe will disappear, but it just doesn't break down."

    The entire blockage took about four hours to remove, with crew having to use buckets to remove about 300 kilograms before they could bring in a crane.

    Hunter Water

    So c'mon people, be mindful of what you flush!


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