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29 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sperm


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1. The taste of semen changes depending on the man's diet.

2. The BBC once conducted an experiment (which you can watch) to prove this.

3. Brad Pitt was once semen.

4. Jared Leto was ALSO once semen.


5. A man typically ejaculates around half a teaspoon of semen on average.

6. Men need to regularly ejaculate for healthy sperm. Failure to do so can result in oxidative stress.

7. If cooked incorrectly, a squid can inseminate your mouth.

8. When a man ejaculates, anything from 20–100 MILLION sperm cells per MILLILITER of ejaculate are produced.

9. A low sperm count is called oligozoospermia.

10. Sperm dies as it dries out. It's also killed by fresh water, due to osmotic shock.

11. Mallard ducks have "killer" sperm that destroy bacteria.

12. There is a theory that barnacles "spermcast." This means a barnacle sends its sperm out into the water for females to pick up.

13. Scientists once made mice with fluorescent sperm.

14. Exercise is good for your sperm. Young men who frequently exercise have 73% more sperm than non-exercisers.

15. There is such a thing as a "sperm collecting machine."

16. Which also means somebody * cleans * the "sperm collecting machine."

17. You can be allergic to semen and the semen of a specific person.

18. Sperm swim at about 5 millimeters per second.

19. A horse sperm's fertile life is 144 days.

20. A European Sperm Bank has a sperm-shaped bike delivery system.

21. There is a cookbook devoted to semen-based recipes.

22. Less than 1% of semen is actually made up of sperm.

23. It takes 10 weeks for a sperm to reach maturity.

24. If a man loses one testicle the other is often able to make enough sperm solely by itself to make a baby.

25. Sperm are susceptible to damage from wireless technology.

26. There is a German artist who paints with his semen. Don't act surprised.

27. In World War I, the British MI6 investigated using semen as an invisible ink.

28. And the main guy investigating it was called Mansfield Cumming. You can't make this up.

29. Sperm was discovered by a Dutchman in 1677, when Antony Van Leeuwenhoek — a microscope maker — noticed "animals" moving like eels under the lens.


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