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15 Times Lee Lin Chin Dominated Social Media

The SBS newsreader can't stop preaching the truth.

This is SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin.

1. When she said it how it is:

Just a reminder to everyone, war is stupid.

2. And gave genuine business advice:

If you name your venue a "performance space" be prepared to declare bankruptcy within a year.

3. When she crushed her suitors:

"Why don't you love me?" - everyman who's ever spoken to me.

4. When she helped others with their careers:

If your job title is "media personality" you don't have a job.

5. When she said what everyone was thinking:

My New Years resolution, Daniel Craig.

6. When she stopped all this baby-lovin':

Your baby isn't special, it's just a poop machine that's a drain on our resources.

7. When she explained her love for a song:

8. When she got ~deep~.

Art is essentially masturbation, ultimately useless and selfish.

9. When she offered up a pretty good argument for single life:

Lee Lin, why are you single? So I can enjoy my King Double bed without some sweaty idiot hogging the sheets.

10. When she came up with the best Valentine's Day plan:

#ValentinesDayAdvice you don't need anyone, you're amazing & no one can compete. Drink a beer in the park by yourself & judge everyone else.

11. When she got introspective:

Let's face facts, TV presenters and newsreaders are just people who wanted to be famous but couldn't act or sing.

12. When she acknowledged the stupidity of her friends:

All my childhood friends have grandchildren, HAHA! What boring idiots!

13. When she dissed her challengers:

Thank god #MardiGras is over. It's the only time of year anyone comes close to competing with my wardrobe.

14. When she delivered this sick burn:

"Hey Lee Lin what are you doing tonight?" "Your Mum!" #burn

15. And when she was sure of her future:

I'll die as I lived, alone by choice #bachelorettelife

Continue to slay, Lee Lin, continue to slay.