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15 Things We Learned From Kurt Coleman

We sat down with the Instagram celebrity to discover what makes him tick.

1. How politicians can appeal to the younger generation.

"Get a spray tan, first. Stop being rude to everyone. Chill out and care more about what you look like instead of being stupid and making things complicated."

2. Why spray tan is important.

"It just makes you feel so good. You've gotta try it out. I got my first spray tan when I was 10 years old. I got a can from the supermarket and I sprayed myself and everyone was like, 'What the hell?'"

3. And the best ways to put spray tan on.

"I do it myself sometimes. I just do it if I'm in a rush. If you do it yourself you only have to leave it on for four hours. It enhances everything about you — even your personality."

4. Facebook and Instagram are the best social media sites.

"I, like, don't ever go on Tumblr. It's just people talking about how shitty their lives are."

5. There's nothing healthy about a "real" tan.

"Solariums are so bad. I could get a tan if I wanted to but I don't want to go in the sun. I'd rather have amazing skin when I'm older. I think sunbeds should be banned honestly, and then they should halve the price of spray tans."

6. Your fame can spring up overnight. Be prepared.

"It all really started six months ago ... I don't even know how I did it. It just happened on accident. I realised a month ago, What did I just create?"

7. The front camera on your iPhone is the enemy.

"This front camera is hell," said Coleman. "It lies to you. It's a lie. You look in the mirror and you're like, 'Shit I look amazing,' but you open the camera, flip it open, and you just look like shit."

8. His fame has become an issue in more ways than one.

"Everyone is obsessed. All day today they were stalking me through the shops — screaming, chasing me through the shops."

9. Experiment with your angles.

Coleman professed the importance of experimenting with angles when taking a selfie: "I have to do certain angles because the camera is shit. I try to do heaps of angles."

When asked which of his sides is better, he said, "Both. They're both perfect."

10. If he were prime minister.

"Everyone would shut the hell up about taxes. And free spray tans, for everyone."

11. Fame can show you who your true friends are.

"I've changed my number six times since January. People sell my number, and then I get calls all day and I have to change my number. They're just obsessed, honestly. Nonstop."

12. Always follow your dreams.

"I'm gonna make my own TV show. I'm in the process of doing that now. I just want to do stuff to do with myself. There's heaps of ideas [for the TV show]. I can do it ... I've always had a plan. I've always wanted my own TV show. Now I'm doing it. I can do whatever I want; whatever I believe happens."

13. Ignore the haters.

"I've had haters forever. I've had them since I was little so I don't really care. I've grown on it and people have always hated me. I've learnt to deal with it. It's not my problem that they don't like me. It's in their heads. It's their problem."

14. Five things he couldn't live without.

"My phone. Spray tan. Cameras. My friends. Money."

15. The importance of loving yourself.

"Everything I say is true. People go through their life being obsessed with another person. I've been in a relationship before for, like, two years and I didn't even remember who I was. You should care about yourself way more before someone else first."

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