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    Kurt Coleman's 10-Step Guide To The Perfect Selfie

    The Instagram celeb came by the BuzzFeedOz office to teach us a thing or two.

    Earlier this year we discovered the fun loving King of Selfies Kurt Coleman, who has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 200,000 on Facebook.

    Today, Kurt came down to our Sydney office to teach us how to pull off the perfect selfie.

    Simon Crerar / BuzzFeed

    But not before someone rushed over and asked to get a photo with him.

    Simon Crerar / BuzzFeed
    Brad Esposito / BuzzFeed

    Just remember these 10 easy steps and you'll be looking pretty in no time.

    1. Look pretty.

    2. Spray tan is your best friend.

    3. Learn how to pose.

    4. Make sure the lighting is jussssttt right.

    5. And be sure to create a connection with the camera.

    6. Make sure the background shows off your beauty.

    7. And don't be shy to take as many as you want! You never know when you'll miss the perfect selfie.

    8. Angle, of course, is vital.

    9. Be honest about why you're taking a photo.

    10. And finally: Always be ready!

    So follow these steps and you'll be taking selfies like a pro in no time!

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