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    Meet The Self-Proclaimed "Australian Paris Hilton"

    Kurt Coleman has a perfect face and a big following. He likes himself. A lot.

    This is Kurt Coleman.

    Kurt lives on Australia's Surfers Paradise, and is quite taken with himself.

    Every day he wakes up. Is amazing. And then goes to bed.

    Kurt takes a lot of photos of himself.

    He's garnered a big following in Australia.

    Maybe because he's an endless source of wisdom.

    Or maybe it's because he loves spray tans.

    Even when his spray tan runs out.

    Or malfunctions.

    Maybe it's his theory on MH370.

    Or his theory on Pretty Little Liars.

    Or maybe it's because of whatever's going on here.

    Maybe it's because even when he "pulls a stupid face, he is STILL HOT."

    Or his slo-mo "Bitchy hair flips."

    No, no, wait. It's probably because of his understanding of everyone's life problems.

    He gets offended by chicken nuggets.

    "I'm putting it on Facebook 'cause I'm disgusstteeeddd."

    And he understands how the world works.

    At the end of the day though, at least he's honest.

    "One day I just woke up and I was just like "fuck I'm pretty.""

    Kurt makes his own music videos.

    View this video on YouTube

    And the lunar eclipse?

    Apparently it's nothing on him.