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    Russian Footballer Hires Muzzled, Tie-Wearing Bear For Son's Birthday Party

    Hired from a local circus after being seen on television, the bear is photographed wearing a muzzle and giving "rides" to Kirill Kombarov's two-year-old son.

    This article was based on material provided by the CEN/Europics news agency, distributed via Newscom. We have been unable to verify its accuracy independently, for reasons explained here.

    Kirill Kombarov, a football player in the Russian Premier League for FC Torpedo Moscow, has created a stir for hiring a local circus bear for his two-year-old son's birthday party.

    Money cannot buy class, what &^%* rents a live bear from the zoo for this child's 2nd b'day party #kirillkombarov #Disgraceful #sickening

    The bear was hired from the Stepan Nikulin Circus, and has appeared in multiple films and live television - which is where Kombarov first saw it.

    Other than deleting the photos from his social media, Kombarov has not responded to the backlash.