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    31 Things Today's Kids Will Never Understand

    "HAVE YOU EVER, EVER FELT LIKE THIS?" No, they haven't. :(

    1. Obsessing over Drazic and his eyebrow ring. You either wanted to be him or be with him.

    2. Getting up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning to record your fave music videos from rage and Video Hits on the VCR.

    3. Not being able to use the internet because your parents were waiting for a phone call.

    4. The confusion of being so afraid of Mulligrubs and yet not being able to look away.

    5. Competing with your friends (manually) over who could get the highest score on Snake - the only game on your phones.

    6. Getting out like 10 different books from the library for research whenever you had an assignment.

    7. The humiliation of being the unsuspecting victim of a three-way phone call.

    8. Learning song lyrics from the cut outs in TV Hits and Smash Hits magazines.

    9. Eating the delicious perfection that was Vice Versas.

    10. Laughing at Eric Bana's characters in Full Frontal.

    11. Watching REAL LIFE Bananas in Pyjamas, not horrible animations.

    12. Taking a limited number of photos at a time, then waiting days AND PAYING MONEY to see them.

    13. Making yourself sick at all-you-can-eat Pizza Hut.

    14. Going to the video shop and spending half an hour staring at the covers because you could only pick one movie to watch that night.

    15. Eating Wagon Wheels that were as big as your head.

    16. Keeping your CDs safe like this...

    17. Having one Prime Minister in power your whole life.

    18. Ordering pizza and secretly hoping Dougie the Pizza Guy would deliver it.

    19. Being terrified by this ad.

    20. Agonising over who you gave your three love hearts a day to on Bebo...

    21. And finding the perfect layout on MySpace.

    22. Going to extreme lengths for straight hair.

    23. Getting all your jewellery needs satisfied at Kleins - where looking good cost so little.

    24. Having to look in the newspaper for movie times.

    25. The panic you felt when Napster shut down and threatened to stop you from listening to music FOREVER.

    26. Playing games with so many cords.

    27. Only having five channels on TV and seeing this A LOT.

    28. Watching Yahoo Serious movies on repeat.

    29. Singing along to "simply the best" in footy season.

    30. The greatness of showing off your Yowie collection.

    31. And being able to immediately identify kindred spirits with one simple question: "Have you ever, ever felt like this?"