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    Australians Are Freaking Out Because Apparently Americans Microwave Their Water??

    Who needs a kettle anyway.

    On Wednesday night Australian Twitter, as it is known to do, discovered something strange about people in the United States of America: they don't really use kettles.

    W...wait, Americans don't have electric kettles?

    That is to say, they do – but not much.

    I think this kettle thing is probably an indication the US is a failed state

    And Australians were, understandably, quite shaken up by the revelation.

    When you first move out of home, you buy 2 things - toaster and kettle. That'a your breakfast and dinner there. Toast and instant noodles.

    I just heard americans microwave water. If you're american you legally have to disclose every weird fucken thing you do to me, right now,

    It should be noted that electric kettles do EXIST in the US, they're just not really... a thing people use.

    america: our president will kill everyone me: no surprises america: we boil water in the microwave me: fuck me rigid with the kings corpse

    Someone on facebook was talking about this and an American mate replied "we just boil water in a pan" i have no face.png

    I feel like I need to microwave water in solidarity for all u Americans without a kettle who microwave water bless ur souls

    And apparently the options for making water very, very hot in the US are: boiling it on the stovetop, and MICROWAVING WATER IN THE FRIGGEN MICROWAVE.

    I try to be positive and non-judgemental but I just found out Americans often microwave water instead of using a kettle and I just

    nothin fucked me up as much as learning Americans don't own kettles. no wonder trump won

    People had questions.

    Hey Americans how did you boil water BEFORE microwaves?

    And some Americans chimed in, too.

    @tresantes lol it's the only way i've ever known i wouldn't know!! do u use the kettle for everything or just like drinks?

    And others had theories.

    @LucyXIV So apparently a factor is that Americans have 120V electricity instead of 240V. So the element in the kettle doesn't get as hot.

    @rhodopsintea @thomas_violence @MrReidOrg actually, they fire into the water with a semi-automatic rifle

    In May 2015 the British also discovered this bizarre phenomenon. Nearly two years on and we're still scratching our heads.

    But apparently the 120 volt power theory is correct. American homes just can't handle that much electricity, especially when you plug in a 240 volt kettle.

    You do you, America. You do you.