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    People Are Seriously Confused With This Awkwardly Edited Katy Perry Stunt

    It's not quite as awkward as you probably first thought.

    About a week ago, Katy Perry went undercover at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York to "punk some bitches".

    There she is, in the process of punking.

    The stunt was a part of Vanity Fair's "Derek Does Stuff With A Friend" series and featured Perry poking her head through a table and hiding underneath a round lid (or cloche, if you wanna be fancy).

    The idea was that visitors to the gallery would be wonderfully surprised by the pop star and scream and laugh and carry on – as is the way these pranks usually go.

    "She got really into it. In fact, she could have punked people all afternoon," wrote Derek Blasberg in his episode recap.

    And, in the full five minute video, it does seem like some people were excited and even shocked by the surprise of Perry's head on a table.

    View this video on YouTube

    There's even this one woman who doesn't get that it's Perry at all, and instead starts asking the pop star questions, believing her to be a literal performance artist. "So what are your themes that you're developing?" she asks.

    However, another cut of the stunt – which just about removes all background noise and only includes some very, very awkward museum goers – is going viral as well. It is, to put it lightly, incredibly uncomfortable.

    SCREAMING this is so embarrassing

    The edited version has almost 20,000 retweets.

    And people are reacting accordingly:

    @colbyking97 @kingtav_ @cesarted13 Show me one person who looked excited. Just one. Tell me the time in the video w…

    @daisillusions @kingtav_ Ils étaient en mode

    @heart_rauhl @kingtav_ "Buy my new song" and they were like 😩😂

    @kingtav_ I'm embarrassed for her 😭

    But yes, unfortunately for the Perry haters out there, the scene wasn't anywhere near as awkward as you might believe. Hell, look how excited this girl is when she realises whose head is poking through the table.

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