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    Someone's Pitching Current Day "Kath & Kim" Episodes And It's Perfect

    Kel smokes his meats with Kim's peach vape.

    New Twitter account @KathAndKimToday is amassing dozens of 140 character pitches for a 2017 version of the Aussie classic, Kath & Kim.

    Sharon tries to get fit using popular YouTube videos She says she feels more exhausted than her friends trying it She has it on 2.5x speed

    The account, set up by comedian Harrison Engstrom, has risen from zero to 2000+ followers in a few days. "My super awesome best case is that maybe people want me to write for them and think I'm kinda funny," he told BuzzFeed News.


    So far Kath, Kim and the gang have been on a variety of 2017 adventures: Kim vapes, Sharon gets involved in MMA and Kath and Kel explore Bikram Yoga.

    Brett tries to convert Kim and his wedding videos to DVD In the process, he magnetically erases the whole video by accident Sharon tries MMA

    Kim & Brett attend a #GoodFriday service Kim keeps saying she's "glutton" intolerant Kim causes a scene when she's offered body of Christ

    Kim witnesses a racial tirade after being forced to take bus after a car accident Kim films incident but has camera on her face during it

    Kath and Kel pass out during a Bikram Yoga session Kim tries out a new fad diet suggested by Pete Evans. She is hospitalised shortly.

    Kim starts using e-cigarettes to quit smoking. The entire house begins to smell like Peach. Kel uses it to create new flavoured smoked meats

    Engstrom was inspired by other popular parody Twitter accounts such as Modern Seinfeld and Seinfeld 2000.

    Sharon joins an "animal activist" group online. She is surprised they are not as politically active as she thought but are simply furries.

    "On top of this, my parents and sister recently went to Thailand and I was watching Kath & Kim reruns during my lunch break and found myself laughing at the idea of the whole cast in Thailand [for an] episode," he said. "I decided to make the account and work out simple tweetable plot lines for each of the characters."

    The reaction online has been "super positive" and Engstrom is allowing the public to contribute ideas on "Submission Sundays".

    Kim tries out listening to podcasts while at the gym. She tries out Serial but ends up never leaving the change rooms out of paranoia.

    There's now a Facebook page dedicated to modern Kath and Kim too – and Engstrom is writing up full episodes for us all to enjoy.


    "I don't fuck around when I commit to a project," he said.

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