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Kimye Are Having A Second Baby And Everyone Made The Same Joke

Maybe we should call the baby South West?! Because their first baby is called North, get it?

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Turns out more than a few people want them to call it one thing and one thing only.

Name it South or GTFOH @KimKardashian @kanyewest

Everybody get ready for a SOUTH EAST @KimKardashian and @kanyewest having a new seed.

South West is about to take over. RT @eonline: Kim Kardashian is pregnant! The #KUWTK star is expecting her second child with Kanye West.


If you don't name your new baby "South East" I will be disappointed @KimKardashian @kanyewest

@kanyewest name the baby South if you real

When Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have their second kid are they going to name it South West?

Congrats @KimKardashian and @kanyewest I can't wait to see how cute South West is!


So @KimKardashian revealed her pregnancy. Is North West's sibling going to be named South or East? LMAO #KUWTK @KanyeWest

south. god help us. RT @USATODAY: #BREAKING Kim Kardashian is pregnant, E! reports

South West @kanyewest @KimKardashian