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16 Struggles Of Growing Up In A Small Australian Suburb

Kmart or Big W, which to choose...

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1. People ask you where you're from and you just tell them the general area, because you know they won't know the actual suburb.


2. You know so many people that've been in the local paper that really you DGAF anymore.

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3. And you know everyone by first name, which was good until you did something bad and whoever was witness knew exactly who your parents were.


4. You're about 30 minutes away from ANYTHING worth going to.

There is no close. Only far, and further.

5. When it comes to clothing, your options are limited because there’s either Kmart or Big W (or both, if you’re lucky).

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6. Forget going to concerts, you’re too far from civilisation for any of that.

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7. So you go see cover bands at the RSL.

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8. Or star in local productions.


9. And there was only one small, independent cinema - at which movie choices were limited.

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10. You walk everywhere, really. There isn't much need for a car.


11. You've got arouuuunnnnnnnnd FIVE TV channels.


12. You know all the local schools, and you hate them all (except for the one you go to).

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13. If you move away and then run into someone from your hometown, you freak out a little.


14. If you still liver, it can be impossible to find any places that are hiring.


15. And if you go for a job, you’re always up against at least one of your friends.


16. When you add someone on Facebook you have about 529 mutual friends already. There are no strangers.


But at the end of the day you wouldn't change it for anything else.

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