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14 Struggles Of Being Someone Who Is Always *Slightly* Sick

Not sick enough to miss work, but too sick to do anything else.

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1. You've always got a runny nose...

2. Or a cough...

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3. Or both :(

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4. And you're always in the middle ground between "too sick to stay at home" and "not sick enough to stay home from work".

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5. People are always looking at you when you're on the bus or train because you're sniffling the whole time.


6. And you're at work a lot of the time feeling like your brain is running out of your nose.


7. People are always asking you if you have allergies.


8. And you dream of going ~one day~ without reaching for the Kleenex.


9. If you ever DO get sick it always takes a while for you realise, because you're so used to being in this sick-limbo state.

10. You worry if people get irritated by your forced mouth breathing.


11. If you're at the gym you're prone more to a runny nose than sweat.

12. You can never explain to your boss what level of sickness you are hitting.


13. You get a reputation around the office for always coming in sick to work but you're just not, like, really sick?


14. And people always get frustrated you'll "make them sick."


But you know this level of sickness isn't contagious.

Being semi-sick: It sucks.