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This Little Girl Wants To Make A Bald Barbie To Help Kids With Cancer

Eight-year-old Jordyn Miller is trying to get bald Barbies, similar to the ones in America, in Australia.

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An 8-year-old cancer survivor is trying to get Mattel to produce bald Barbies for children with cancer undergoing treatment in Australia.

Jordyn Miller, who is now three years cancer-free, was bullied at school and told she looked "like a boy in a dress" when she lost her hair as a result of her chemotherapy treatment in 2012.

In a petition started last month, Jordyn, with the help of her mother, wrote about the need for kids in cancer wards to understand they're still beautiful, even without their hair.

"They [the doctors] teach the kids all about chemotherapy and what it's doing to their bodies internally," Jordyn's mother Tarin told BuzzFeed News, "but nothing prepares them for what usually happens to them physically."

In July last year, Mattel produced a limited amount of bald Barbie "Ella" dolls to be given out to children in cancer wards across America. Mattel didn't sell them in retail stores, although they do still manufacture them for distribution in the U.S.

Now, Tarin and Jordyn hope their petition might help to persuade the toy manufacturer to bring their bald Barbies to Australia.

"We thought it would be great to have here... not just for poor kid's in the same situation as Jordyn was, but for everyone," said Tarin.

"It's just so they [kids] know that it's normal; that it's a part of life. You don't have to have beautiful long Disney princess hair to be beautiful."

"It's just kids not understanding."

So far, the petition so far has almost 6,500 signatures. Jordyn and Tarin have a goal of 7,500.

Mattel Australia did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.