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    Watch John Oliver Destroy The Tobacco Industry In His Latest Tirade


    Last night, John Oliver chose to harpoon the tobacco industry on Last Week Tonight.

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    With mention of Australia's strict anti-smoking laws which mandate plain packaging, Oliver described the drastically falling sales – in contrast with the rest of Asia, which the tobacco industry has targeted.

    Oliver also introduced a new mascot for the tobacco industry, which he said they were free to use: Jeff, the diseased lung wearing a cowboy hat.

    The hashtag started trending almost immediately in America and Australia.

    Smoking reduces stress by reducing the number of years you're alive. #JeffWeCan

    I love Jeff the Diseased Lung! #JeffWeCan Thanks @LastWeekTonight !

    Billboards were also put up in Uruguay...

    That's dedication: @LastWeekTonight put #JeffWeCan posters up at bus stops in Uruguay

    And shirts were sent to the African nation of Togo, which recently had to halt plans to crack down on the tobacco industry after threats from tobacco company Philip Morris solicitors.

    LA Times reporter Ryan Parker asked Philip Morris what they thought of Oliver's take on the industry, tweeting out their reply:

    I asked Philip Morris International for comment on the @LastWeekTonight segment. Here's what they sent me. #JeffWeCan

    It is not yet known whether the tobacco industry will be adopting the character of Jeff the diseased lung wearing a cowboy hat.