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Australia Isn't Quite Sure What To Think Of Jeb Bush's "America" Tweet

*please clap*

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As you may have noticed, potential Republican presidential nominee Jeb(!) Bush decided to do a lil' tweet of his own this morning.

Yep, Bush took the opportunity to let his nearly 500,000-strong Twitter following know that he does indeed have a gun, and that it reminds him, quite wonderfully, of America.

Earlier in the day he had been tweeting about his brother's speech about the importance of leading with strength and clarity of purpose, and boy did he deliver.

Leadership requires strength and clarity of purpose and I will meet this duty with confidence, faith and resolve.

Australia was... taken aback.

In case you were wondering about cultural differences between the US and Australia.

Not Australia.

This is usually the part where you call the local police to warn them that something's going to happen.

Can’t wait to see the Jeb bush @TwitterMoments

And people quickly began trying their own attempt at summing up Australia with one pic:

Someone also noted that Jeb didn't even have the safety on! Silly billy!

Note, by the way, that this staggeringly fuckwitted imbecile doesn’t even have the safety on in this photo.

And others took the opportunity to let America know how some of the rest of the world sees them.

America: rich in dank memes.

Who would have thought that AMERICA could be such a rich soil for cultivating dank memes?