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14 Times JB Hi-Fi Staff Were Too Funny For Their Own Good

No, Requiem for a Dream wasn't a "heart-warming story about redemption."

1. This totally serious review of Requiem for a Dream.

2. This doge system.

3. Or this doge TV.

4. When Gary Oak was a guest reviewer.

5. When they were honest.

6. And when they were ***real***.

7. When they were wonderfully sarcastic.

8. When Mario Kart became more than Mario Kart.

9. When they urged on the rollout of the NBN.

10. When they promised +100 swag points.

11. When they sold us on the pink Wii remote.

12. When they asked us the big questions.

13. When they put a life in our life.

14. And when they made us feel better about wanting to own 1,000 cats.

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