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    19 Photos That Prove Japan Is Perfectly Insane

    Come on and slam and welcome to Japan!

    1. Food like this:

    2. Kit Kat pizza like this:

    3. And the Kit Kat that tastes like a sandwich.

    4. Cicada shells in your hair, like this:

    5. Contests like this:

    6. Stores like this:

    7. And household appliances that promise interesting results:

    8. Origami toilet paper:

    9. Healthy water:

    10. Shirts like this:

    11. This:

    12. And this:

    13. Trucks circling the city like this:

    14. And redesigned hairstyles, like this:

    15. Heartfelt pens, like this:

    16. Coke parties like this:

    17. Smiles like this:

    18. Sculptures like this:

    19. And perfect phone cases, like this:

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