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Jack Black Thinks Tony Abbott Is A "Nutter" For His Views On Marriage Equality

How tenacious dare you.

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"I personally think the guy's living in the stone ages, though," said Black. "He's not seeing the writing on the wall. The movement of the world is heading towards equality for all people, all sexual preferences. Come on, we're all the same in the end. Who cares what gives you a boner. Really?"

The response came after a question about whether or not his new show would take on the issue of marriage equality.

Black would later go on to say Abbott "sounds like a bit of a nutter... a bit of a nutter butter."

There have been various responses to Black's comments, both good and bad.

AUSTRALIA: we must embrace a more informed political discourse JACK BLACK: [makes fart noises at Tony Abbott] AUSTRALIA: THERE IT IS


now tony has jack black AND grant denyer against him, surely he cannot survive

imagen being lectured by jack black on absolutely anything

My honours thesis 'Jack Black: Unlikely Kingmaker of Australian Politics' was ultimately rejected but I believe history will vindicate me.

We should just get Jack Black fight Dolce and Gabbana and let the winner decide our gay marriage policy.

Jack Black attacking Abbott? yeah, 'fraid I'm gonna have to side with Abbott.