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Everything You Need To Know About The 4Chan-Assisted Porn Film About Memes

This post is very, very, NSFW.

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It's called Meme Love a newly-released film from Brazzers, featuring a host of pop culture references as well as a collection of "the internet's" favourite memes, all mixed rather artistically between graphic sex scenes.


The film revolves around the Bane family, who have that name because, well... they're all related to Bane (you know, from Batman)

Danny Bane brings his new girlfriend home to meet his parents, who spend the whole film mask-clad, and he is struck with an identity crisis when he is asked by his parents why he doesn't also wear a Bane mask.

Lines that most would be familiar with, like "just fuck my shit up" and "one does not simply walk into Mordor" are transformed into rather more... sexual versions, namely "one does not simply stick a cock in the ass."

Here's just one page from the script:

Curiously, there's more to Meme Love than a few bored porn writers sitting around a desk. The whole thing was "developed in conjunction with the 4Chan community."


Ryan Hogan, production manager for Brazzers, told BuzzFeed News a "psuedo-brainstorming session" occurred on the online messageboard to discuss possible lines and characters.

"The script did not originate on 4Chan, rather, it was developed in conjunction with the 4Chan community as a pseudo-brainstorming session," he said.

"The main difference? The producer posted his existing ideas for the script and the concept of basing a porno around memes. We then asked the community to offer suggestions of memes they would like to see played out in a Brazzers live-action porno. They were also asked to express any preferences they held based on several choices we would provide."

And yes, Danny's penis also wears a Bane mask.

Is it weird I kept the Bane mask I made for @DannyDxxx's cock?

You can watch the SFW trailer for the film here.

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