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People Are Saying "Snitches Get Stitches" After This Police PSA Went Viral

"What's the special occasion?"

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Uploaded to the WA Police Facebook page in early November, the PSA has over 50,000 views and has gone viral within Australia's tight-knit internet community. For the love of God, please watch:

Facebook: video.php

There's been a range of reactions on Twitter, with a lot of focus on the police force's encouragement of snitches.

This is the EXACT date a snitch would take you on.

girl, if you were with me id buy you a coffee with the money i make narcing on petty criminals

Or just the general lesson of the script.

@braddybb Do graffiti. Report it. Get free coffee. Repeat. Become Banksy.

The reward is nice I guess but what about the later consequence that ... snitches get stitches


*cue smooth jazz*

You could argue that the police have created a masterpiece — maybe on purpose, maybe not.

@braddybb [at coffee counter] WOMAN: What's the special occasion? [they receive coffees and walk across street to p…

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