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    People Are Saying "Snitches Get Stitches" After This Police PSA Went Viral

    "What's the special occasion?"

    The Western Australia Police Force social media team has produced one of the most bizarre, perfectly terrible, anti-graffiti public service announcements (PSA) in human existence. And it is glorious.

    Uploaded to the WA Police Facebook page in early November, the PSA has over 50,000 views and has gone viral within Australia's tight-knit internet community. For the love of God, please watch:

    Facebook: video.php

    Hundreds have left comments on the video, mostly along the lines of: "Uh...what?"

    There's been a range of reactions on Twitter, with a lot of focus on the police force's encouragement of snitches.

    This is the EXACT date a snitch would take you on.

    girl, if you were with me id buy you a coffee with the money i make narcing on petty criminals

    Or just the general lesson of the script.

    @braddybb Do graffiti. Report it. Get free coffee. Repeat. Become Banksy.

    The reward is nice I guess but what about the later consequence that ... snitches get stitches

    *cue smooth jazz*

    You could argue that the police have created a masterpiece — maybe on purpose, maybe not.

    @braddybb [at coffee counter] WOMAN: What's the special occasion? [they receive coffees and walk across street to p…

    It's unclear if the video was made to be deliberately awkward and terrible in an effort to go viral. If it was...job well done.