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Everything You Need To Know About Make-A-Wish Foundation's Delightfully Cute, Crime-Fighting Iron Boy

Nine-year-old Domenic spent today rescuing civilians and saving the city of Sydney.

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The city of Sydney came together today to make a 9-year-old's dreams come true.

NSW Police

Working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Sydneysiders helped 9-year-old Domenic Pace, who has cystic fibrosis, dress up as Iron Man to fight crime and rescue a journalist who had been kidnapped by the evil and dastardly villain, Ultron.

Make A Wish

Police knew straight away who they needed to call.

@nswpolice need some assistance, we know just who to call #IronBoyAU to the rescue!

Early in the morning, Domenic was flown by helicopter to the New South Wales Police headquarters, where he was briefed on the situation.

Make A Wish

Police helped him get his armor in order, also kitting out his brother, Joseph, as his faithful sidekick, War Machine.

Yes, it's very cute.

Then he was escorted by police car towards the possible location of kidnapped journalist, Hope Joy.

#IronBoyAU heads off in police convoy- the Assistant Commisioner says they are really going to need his help today.

Everyone from Robert Downey Jr to Sydney's Lord Mayor was wishing Iron Boy luck.

Sent a very special boy on a top secret mission today. Go get ‘em, Domenic! #IronBoyAU @MakeAWishAust

Ultron must be defeated. Iron Boy - you’ve got this. The city is counting on you. #IronBoyAU

Hopes of the city riding with #IronBoyAU today, go well.

#IronBoyAU we know you got this 👍🏻

All of Sydney covered the event, hoping Iron Boy could save them, and rid the city of Ultron once and for all.

We’re cheering on Dom as he prepares for his wish to come true today! #IronBoyAU

Hope Joy was eventually found on the remote (and probably evil) Clarke Island, gagged and tied to a tree.

#IronBoyAU you have to rescue Hope Joy! @nswpolice

Iron Boy ran to her aid, but first he had to fight off Ultron's evil henchmen.

Of course, this was a pretty easy thing to pull off, given Iron Boy's immense strength and power.

I could rewatch this killer move from #IronBoyAU all day long! Don't miss with Dom!

Wow! #IronBoyAU defeated the henchmen! @nswpolice

Iron Boy easily defeated the suited henchmen, and ran to the aid of Hope Joy, freeing her from Ultron's grasp.

All in a day's work for this Super Hero! Thank you #IronBoyAU you saved Hope Joy! @nswpolice

Of course, this was only part one of Domenic's journey... Ultron was waiting for him at the Sydney Opera House, and hundreds of Sydneysiders were in fear of their lives, stuck under his control.

Rob Stott for BuzzFeed

Iron Boy quickly jumped on a speedboat and made his way towards Circular Quay.

When he arrived, he took his time, careful not to approach the maniacal Ultron without considering his options.

Dean Nye for BuzzFeed

Ultimately, Iron Boy decided to go with the old school approach, confronting Ultron head-on and challenging him to a fight.

Rob Stott for BuzzFeed

But just as he did that, MORE HENCHMEN!!

Those henchmen are no match for you #IronBoyAU!

Domenic defeated the henchmen, in much the same way he defeated the henchmen on Clarke Island.

And then, it was just the two of them. Iron Boy and Ultron. One on one.

#USAfricaBF Telecast: RT LucyMarks: It's on! #IronBoyAU v #Ultron in the ultimate showdown…

It was a tough fight, but Domenic won in the end.

Rob Stott for BuzzFeed

Ultron was left battered and bruised, with NSW Police arresting him and taking him away to jail.

UPDATE: #IronBoyAU has vanquished the evil Ultron on the steps of Sydney Opera House #TenNews 5pm

Good riddance.

With that, Sydney was saved. The public were wild with praise for their protector.

#IronBoyAU saves the day. Well done you little legend.

#IronBoyAU I love this city. Amazing.

We have many heroes in the @nswpolice but when it comes to Ultron, we need an extra hand! Thank you #IronBoyAU

Domenic was given a medal of valour by NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione for his brave acts.

#IronBoyAU with his Medal of Valour

And Domenic returned home, just another day in the life of a kid superhero.

#IronBoyAU to the rescue - Super Hero Dom saves the day