This Woman Set Up A Huge Inflatable In Her Living Room And It Got Out Of Control

    "I thought, Yeah, maybe I should unplug this now before it gets much bigger, but it had gotten big enough that it was now totally blocking the socket where I'd plugged it in. So I just sat back and watched the rest unfold."

    This is Marie Hicks, an author and historian in Chicago.

    Hicks was up late writing when she realised she needed to take a break, so she decided to try out a Halloween decoration she had bought a little early: a 13-foot Ghostbusters Stay Puft inflatable.

    What happened next was slightly disastrous:

    "There wasn't a display model up when I bought it," said Hicks, "so all I knew was what the box said about it being 13-foot tall. My ceilings are not quite that high, but I figured I could blow it up most of the way and see what happened."

    Hicks thought she'd be able to control the inflation, but realised pretty quickly there was nothing she could do.

    "It blew up a lot faster than I thought it would, and it was way wider than I realised," she said.

    She "let it ride", and then the inflatable began knocking over things all over her living room.

    Her tweet of the incident has already picked up over 2,000 retweets.