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    22 Things That Happen When You Turn 22

    For starters, everyone quotes that goddamn Taylor Swift song to you.

    1. You are literally 22.


    2. Which means you are no longer 21.

    Or any other number below 22, tbh.

    3. You're still one of (if not *the*) youngest person in the office.


    4. People will be shocked when you tell them that you're 22. Something that never happened when you were a young, silly 21-year-old.

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    5. But you're still close to ~the youths~.


    6. You can binge drink without adult responsibilities, even though you are now a seriously out-n-out adult.

    7. Your parents will call you and tell you they're "proud."


    8. And people you forgot about will wish you happy birthday on Facebook.


    9. Twenty-one is a year of "fake" adulthood. Technically you're all grown up now, but everyone knows its 22 that things get ~real~.


    10. You can complain about "adult issues"...


    11. And you can complain about "youth issues"...


    12. Because you're basically in age limbo!

    Not quite a child not yet an adult.

    13. You're one year closer to becoming "wise."

    14. You will, eventually, panic - because you turn 23 next year. And nobody likes you when you're 23.

    15. You also realise that your next ~big~ party should come when you turn 30.


    (But don't let that stop you from having big parties now!)

    16. You realise quickly that your body will take a bit longer to recover, though.


    17. You can sing about feeling 22, just like T.Swift, and it's literally true.

    18. The numbers in your age become perfectly symmetrical. This doesn't happen THAT often.


    19. You start thinking about doing adult things, like getting a dog and paying your taxes.

    Just kidding about the taxes.

    20. You start liking sleep a HELL of a lot more.


    Even if you loved it already.

    21. And your metabolism starts to... change...

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    22. But mostly, you know its just another year to have fun and be silly.

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