This Woman Filmed A "UFO" In The Sky And Now People Are Screaming About Aliens

    Experts have said it's definitely not an alien.

    Lee-Anne Peters from Hobart was looking out her window in the early hours of Tuesday morning when she saw what looked like a fireball streaking across the sky.

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    "I set my alarm to wake up early because it was my daughter's 16th birthday," she told BuzzFeed News. "My kitchen window has a great view of the eastern sky... Looking out the window while cooking I saw the object."

    Lee-Anne lives near an airport and at first thought the object was a plane, however she soon believed it was too high in the sky for that to be the case.

    As her daughter grabbed a pair of binoculars, Lee-Anne got her video camera and zoomed in to film the whole thing.

    After Lee-Anne posted the video to Facebook it was shared over 1,000 times. Then people began the debate about what exactly the object was.

    Some thought it was an alien...

    Some thought it was a plane...

    And some wanted to be VERY CLEAR that it definitely was not a plane.

    However Chris Arkle, an astronomer at Launceston Planetarium, told ABC News it was "definitely a high flying aircraft".

    "The length of time that the object was visible for, and its apparent speed, both support this hypothesis," he said.

    Of course, that's probably exactly what the aliens would want you to be believe.