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Australian TV Presenter Confuses Aloe Blacc For Medicinal Succulent

"Put your hands together for Aloe Vera!"

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Richard Wilkins is an ex '80s heart throb who now works as an entertainment reporter for Channel 9.

This morning on The Today Show, Wilkins was interviewing musician Aloe Blacc about his upcoming tour of Australia.

Channel 9 / Via

Everything was going well. Richard was asking Aloe about his success, joking about the amount of times he had been to Australia. The interview was a dream, and no one had gotten anyones name wrong.

Channel 9 / Via

~simple times~

And then this happened.

Channel 9 / Via

This is Aloe's Twitter and Facebook. Notice the last name, in particular.


In fact, Aloe's real name is actually Egbert Dawkins, but from what BuzzFeed can tell he has never gone by 'Aloe Vera.'

To his credit, Wilkins was quick to correct himself.

Channel 9 / Via