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This Girl’s Tweet About The Mug She Made Her Boyfriend Is Actually Hilarious

"I am your girlfriend."

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Meg, who is from Crewe, England, told BuzzFeed News she was sitting in a Wetherspoon's pub with her mother when she decided, like any good girlfriend, to send her love a close-up photo of her nostrils on Snapchat with the adorable reminders "I am your girlfriend" and a dog saying "kiss".

Meg's boyfriend replied that she should "put it on a mug".


Meg said she was pleased with the reaction to her tweet, mostly because it made her feel like she's "not the only one that does this shit".

"[My friends] just laugh at me because no one expected my nostrils to be this famous," said Meg.

"One friend said, 'At least your eyebrows look good.'"