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This Lego Millennium Falcon Took 250,000 Bricks To Make

Now, witness the power of this fully operational LEGO battle station.

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Australians have come together to help build the world's largest Lego Millennium Falcon, using almost 250,000 bricks and reaching five metres wide.

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Champion builders and father and son duo Dan and Chris Steininger were on hand to help over 2000 Aussies put the ships together.


“Usually models the size of the Millennium Falcon can take more than a week to build and it was thanks to the Aussie fans that we were able to build a model of this size in such a short time," Dan says. "This model was ground-breaking for LEGO because of the way it stretches out wide. Normally when we build big LEGO builds they stand tall, so this was both an exciting and challenging experience for Chris and myself."