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54 Episodes That Would Totally Happen If "Friends" Were Set In Australia

The One Where They All Get Free Health Care.

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1. The One Where They All Get Free Health Care

2. The One Where Monica Tries Goon

3. The One Where Joey Gets a Kangaroo

4. The One Where Ross Forgets His Sunscreen

5. The One With the Wombat

6. The One Where Rachel Forgets to Vote

7. The One Where Phoebe Goes to Bondi

8. The One When Chandler Goes to Bunnings

9. The One About AFL

10. The One Where Rachel and Ross Get Married in Canberra

11. The One With the Cricket Player

12. The One Where Everything Is Spiders

13. The One With the 30-Minute Time Difference

14. The One With the Huntsman

15. The One at Gloria Jeans

16. The One With the Big Banana

17. The One With the Drought

18. The One With the Rugby Players

19. The One Where Joey Gets Lost in the Bush

20. The One Where Joey and Chandler Go to Canberra

21. The One With the Shark

22. The One Where a Koala Pees on Monica

23. The One About Phoebe's Day in Perth

24. The One With the Porn and Fireworks

25. The One Where Rachel Meets Hugh Jackman

26. The One Where Monica Kills a Cockroach

27. The One Where Monica Gets Stung by a Bluebottle

28. The One Where They Go on a Road Trip to Byron

29. The One Where They All Start Shredding for Stereo

30. The One Where They All Got Matching Southern Cross Tattoos

31. The One Where They All Learn the Nutbush

32. The One Where Ross Is Scared of Drop Bears

33. The One When Chandler Grew a Mullet

34. The One When Chandler Became Chazza

35. The One When Rachel Dates a Bogan

36. The One Where Ross Has a Gaytime

37. The One When Phoebe Gets a Commodore

38. The One on the Bridge

39. The One at the Rock

40. The One With the Countrylink Train

41. The One Where They All Go to Dubbo

42. The One Where Chandler Finds a Red Belly Black Snake

43. The One Where They All Played Goon of Fortue

44. The One With the Leadership Spill

45. The One When Monica Meets Guy Sebastian

46. The One With the Toilet Going the Other Way

47. The One Where Monica Tries to Watch Every Episode of "Neighbours"

48. The One Where Ross Goes on Deal or No Deal

49. The One With the Piss Up

50. The One Where They All Go to Sizzler

51. The One Where Rachel Drinks Omni

52. The One Where Chandler Is a Toolie

53. The One With the Maccas Run

54. The One With the 3am Kebabs

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