How Stereotypically Australian Are You?

Are you a true-blue Aussie?

  1. Check all that apply to you
    1. I eat a lot of Vegemite.
    2. I greet people with “G’day.”
    3. I own a boomerang.
    4. I say “crikey.”
    5. I live in an area that has a lot of kangaroos.
    6. I own a didgeridoo.
    7. I wear a lot of Rip Curl clothing.
    8. I wear a lot of Billabong clothing.
    9. I wear a lot of Quicksilver clothing.
    10. I drink a lot of beer.
    11. I drink Fosters.
    12. I have wrestled a crocodile.
    13. I can surf.
    14. I live by the beach.
    15. I’m a little bit racist.
    16. I’m very racist.
    17. I own an Akubra hat.
    18. I’m constantly sunburnt.
    19. I’m really tan.
    20. I have been bitten by a spider.
    21. I have been bitten by a snake.
    22. I call women “sheilas”
    23. I travel a lot.
    24. I barbecue most of my food.
    25. I watch ‘Neighbours’ all the time.
    26. I watch ‘Home and Away’ all the time.
    27. I love INXS.
    28. I love AC/DC.
    29. I love Cold Chisel.
    30. I wear thongs everywhere.
    31. I wear thongs and jeans.
    32. I have a Southern Cross tattoo.
    33. I drive a ute.
    34. I drive either a Holden or a Ford but NOT BOTH.
    35. A dingo stole my baby.
    36. I say “yeh nah.”
    37. I love a good meat pie.
    38. I have been ‘walkabout.’
    39. I live/have lived in the Outback.
    40. I have a hat with corks on it.
    41. I love a good Chiko roll.
    42. I ride a kangaroo to work.
    43. I have a pet kangaroo.
    44. I love John Farnham.
    45. I’m always drunk.
    46. I call McDonald’s “Maccas.”
    47. I shorten most words.
    48. I love my AFL.
    49. I call soccer “wogball.”
    50. I found this whole checklist offensive.
    51. I’m better than this.
    52. I own a Hills Hoist.

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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