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    This Guy Has The Perfect "How To Do Blackface" Makeup Tutorial

    "I've heard a lot of whitefellas asking me how to "do blackface" properly..."

    Sydneysider Bjorn Stewart's latest edition of "Bjorn's Makeup Tips" focusses on an issue that has been in the Australian cultural discussion for most of 2016: Blackface.

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    In the video, Bjorn promises to answer the prayers of "a lot of whitefellas" who have been asking him how to "do blackface properly."

    "Today, I'm going to teach you how to do blackface," he says.

    "What we're about to do, is apply some shoe polish."

    "And then what we do with the shoe polish is..."


    Facebook: CopeSTCollective

    (The video itself has beeped over the swear words)

    The video, which was uploaded to Bjorn's collective page Cope ST Collective, has been viewed almost 60,000 times since it was published yesterday.

    Facebook: CopeSTCollective

    "We actually thought of the idea last month when there was a blackface incident in Australia," he told BuzzFeed News. "At the time we were too busy working on other stuff to get around filming it. But lucky for us, white Australians are the kinds of people that keep giving us little nuggets of racist/comedic gold."

    Bjorn told BuzzFeed News that when the issue of blackface was brought up again for the "FOURTH TIME!" in 2016, he and his collective decided to take a different approach other than outrage.

    Facebook: CopeSTCollective

    "We wanted to show our response to the ridiculousness of painting your skin black." he said.

    "We filmed the sketch, chucked it up on our collective page, only expecting our mums and a few blackfella friends to like it, we didn’t expect it to take off the way it did. "

    "I guess it’s a result of a bigger issue," says Bjorn. "It’s 2016 and people are still not aware that blackface is offensive."

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