How Australian Are You Actually?

Do you ACTUALLY come from a land Down Under?

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  1. 1. Check all that apply to you.

    I like Vegemite.
    I have seen a kangaroo.
    I have touched a kangaroo.
    I have seen a koala.
    I have touched a koala.
    I live in Australia.
    I remember the banana shortage of '11.
    I know who AC/DC are.
    I like AC/DC.
    I know where AC/DC got their name from.
    I know what city INXS came from.
    I own a Driza-Bone
    I have voted in an Australian election.
    I have been to Melbourne.
    I have been to the Gold Coast.
    I have been to Cairns.
    I have been to Brisbane.
    I have been to Darwin.
    I have been to Perth.
    I have been to Adelaide.
    I have been to Sydney.
    I have been to Hobart.
    I have watched "Mulligrubs."
    I know who Agro is.
    I miss "Cheez TV."
    I have been taught about drugs and sex by Healthy Harold.
    I hate Allison Ashley.
    I was a Commonwealth Bank Dollarmite.
    I support an NRL team.
    I support an AFL team.
    I support an A-League team.
    I support a Rugby Union team.
    I have watched "Round The Twist."
    I have eaten a Yowie.
    I still have some of the Yowie toys.
    I know where Eric Bana started his career.
    I know who John Howard is.
    I have read a book by Paul Jennings.
    I have watched "Blinky Bill."
    I have eaten a lamington.
    I have eaten a pavlova.
    I have listened to Triple J.
    I have watched "rage."
    I know there's no aphrodisiac like loneliness.
    I have read a Tim Winton book.
    I have watched "Heartbreak High."
    I know who Pauline Hanson is.
    I have read "Far Out, Brussel Sprout!"
    I have owned Crazy Bones.
    I have watched an episode of "Rove."
    I know Australia's National Anthem.
    I have used a Yellow Pages.
    I have been to Uluru.
    I have been to Wonderland.
    I have driven over the Harbour Bridge.
    I have walked across the Harbour Bridge.
    I have walked over the Harbour Bridge.
    I've seen a performance at the Opera House.
    I have surfed on an Australian beach.
    I have eaten a Tim Tam.
    I know what "girt" means.
    I say "rubber" not "eraser."
    I can spell "Woolloomooloo."
    I have seen a red-back spider.
    I have seen a huntsman spider.
    I have rescued a spider from inside my house and taken it outside.
    I have had a hamburger with beetroot on it.
    I have eaten an ANZAC biscuit.
    I have made ANZAC biscuits.
    I know who Trent from Punchy is.
    I have been to Stereosonic.
    I have been to Big Day Out.
    I have been to Soundwave.
    I have drawn a dick on the Sun Herald.
    I know the (rough) population of Australia.
    I can draw a map (with states) of Australia.
    I know the difference between a state and a territory.
    I have had a BBQ.
    I know how to pay my car registration.
    I have taken my L's test (and passed).
    I have taken my red P's test (and passed).
    I have taken my green P's test (and passed).
    I have played Kings Cup.
    I have drunk XXXX.
    I have drunk VB.
    I like BBQ sauce.
    I own a pair of thongs.
    I have broken a pair of thongs.
    I have thrown a pair of thongs.
    I have been to Bunnings.
    I have bought something from Bunnings (not the sausage sizzle).
    I have gone to the sausage sizzle at Bunnings.
    I have gone to Bunnings ONLY to go to the sausage sizzle.
    I have said "cunt" without meaning offense.
    I have called someone my "mate."
    I know who Chris Lilley is.
    I say "Ute" not "Truck."
    I have been sunburnt.
    I have slip slop slapped.
    I have played cricket.
    I have been to a cricket match.
    I have watched The Ashes.
    I have been to The Ashes.
    I have caught a Melbourne tram.
    I have drunk Up & Go.
    I have drunk Milo.
    I have put Milo on my ice cream.
    I have listened to TISM.
    I know what TISM stands for.
    I know the second verse to "Advance Australia Fair."
    I watched Kevin Rudd's sorry speech.
    I have done a Tim Tam slam.
    I have eaten a meat pie.
    I have eaten Weetbix.
    I have watched "Puberty Blues" (the movie.)
    I have watched "Puberty Blues" (the tv show.)
    I have read "Puberty Blues" (the book.)

How Australian Are You Actually?

Well this is awkward. Or maybe it's not. Maybe you're not Australian and this quiz has just confirmed what you already knew. And maybe you're happy about that. Or maybe you're sad. Either way, you need start working on your Australianisms or just OWN your independence (if you're not already.)
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You're more likely to jump off a bridge than eat Vegemite. There's nothing wrong with that, but maybe you're just not eating it the right way? Try it with a BUNCH of melted butter and only a little bit of vegemite. Trust us, it really is the best.

Flickr: bisgovuk
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You're trying your best to get to know the great country of Australia. Either that or you're only a little bit interested in it. Really, there's so much more you can experience to make you a full blown Aussie! I envy you.

Facebook: kathandkim
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You like Australia but you're not sure you LIKE LIKE Australia, y'know? You are pretty Australian and you've tried your best so far to get to know the culture. Keep going and experience everything there is. You won't regret it!

Facebook: iggyazalea
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You're pretty Australian! Maybe you moved here a few years ago but you're not letting that stop you from taking the culture with both hands and running (with a vegemite sandwich in your mouth.)

Facebook: vegemite
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G'day mate! You're a true blue Aussie! You love a good sausage sizzle and the banana shortage of '11 is still engrained in your memory (it will never fade, sorry.) Keep up the good work and don't skimp on the Vegemite!

Flickr: 75456002@N00
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