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"Hope", The White Rhino Who Survived A Brutal Poaching Attack Last Year, Has Died

Another terrible blow for 2016.

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Hope, a white rhinoceros who became the face of anti-poaching groups after surviving a brutal attack last year, has died aged seven.

The group caring for Hope, Saving the Survivors, say it is likely the cause of the iconic rhino's death was an infection in her small intestine.

"This courageous rhino has been the face of rhino poaching survivors since she survived a brutal attack in the Eastern Cape at the end of April last year," the group wrote on Facebook.

"Wandering alone in the bush for days, deeply hurt and with half her face hacked off, she survived against all odds. It was no wonder then, that she was christened Hope and became a worldwide ambassador for her species."

Hope's story was made into a video in September last year, focusing on her survival after poachers removed her horns and left her for dead. She required multiple world-first operations to repair the trauma to her face.

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