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    23 Jan 2017

    Someone In Melbourne Made A Deconstructed Sausage Sizzle Because Of Course They Did

    Bunnings is hipster now.

    The folks at the Melbourne Flames Dragon Boat Club recently participated in one of the grandest of Australian traditions: the Bunnings sausage sizzle.

    Facebook: melbourneflames

    A sausage sizzle is what Australians call, well, a sausage that has been cooked on the BBQ, then wrapped in cheap white bread and topped with appropriate condiments. It's generally understood that the cheaper the sausage the better the sizzle.

    Australian hardware store Bunnings is renowned for hosting sausage sizzles with different community groups every weekend.

    Here's what a normal sausage sizzle looks like.

    And here's the deconstruction in all of its alternative, hipster glory.

    Facebook: melbourneflames

    "We didn't actually serve them like this - the deconstructed one was a bit of fun as the suburb we were cooking in was a very hipster suburb, so we decided to play along and deconstruct a sacred Aussie tradition," a spokesperson for the Melbourne Flames told BuzzFeed News.

    "We just wanted to find a way to promote our dragonboat club and get more people interested in coming down and having a paddle with us."

    All up, the sausage sizzle set hungry shoppers back $2.50. Not bad when you consider the fulfilment they would have felt afterwards.