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    Meet The Woman Fighting To Get More Fashionable Clothing For Muslim Women

    Zulfiye Tufa wants women to know that modest clothing can be chic too.

    She has an Instagram following of more than 40,000, designs and styles clothing, and is also a pharmacist.

    Tufa's been sharing her fashion tips for a few years now, uploading photos and videos where she gives advice to her thousands of followers.

    This year, she began organising Mod Markits. It's a pop-up shop that so far has only happened in Melbourne. The idea is to encourage women who love modest clothing to come together and buy, sell, and trade their fashion.

    Anyone from the public was allowed to book a personal stall and sell or trade their own clothing to fellow "modest fashionistas".

    All of the attendees were really happy with the event, heading to her personal Facebook, as well as the Facebook of Mod Markit, to write about their experiences.

    "The event was really good," Tufa told BuzzFeed News.

    Now, she's creating an app called Mod Markit. It's for anyone looking for modest clothing that knows the struggles of finding apparel that doesn't make them look really old.

    Facebook: ModMarkit

    It's taking the idea of the physical Mod Markit and turning it into an app. Women will be able to buy, sell, and trade modest clothing from their own wardrobes from their phones or tablets.

    "It's really hard to find nice, modest fashion," Tufa told BuzzFeed News. "Generally, it's for older women. Like, I'm in my mid-20s and one word that isn't used when describing high fashion is 'modest'".

    As their introductory video states, the app hopes to make it so that when you search for a "long dress" you get a long dress, and not a three quarter dress.

    And when you search for a "long sleeve top" you get just that. You'll also be able to search for different neck lines.

    The whole thing is designed around getting hundreds of users together, ready to share, sell, and trade their own clothes.

    "When I see big fashion companies catering to Muslims I think it's fantastic, but I also know they're just doing it for financial reasons," she told Vice. "Modest fashion is one of the largest growing sectors of the industry."

    Tufa says there are plans to push Mod Markit's pop-up stores nationwide before the apps release, with Sydney touted as a likely location.

    You can like the Mod Markit Facebook page here.

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