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    There's A Job With A $400,000 Salary And Three Months' Holiday That No One Wants

    The "junior doctor" role at Tokoroa is yours if you fit the credentials.

    A doctor's practice in Tokoroa, New Zealand, is offering a $400,000 NZD salary and three months' holiday in a new job ad, but no one seems to be interested.


    Dr. Alan Kenny told The New Zealand Herald his practice had "exploded in the last year," with more and more patients showing up at his clinic.

    "I can offer them [whoever gets the job] a really, really, amazing income. It's incredible," he said.

    The advertisement for a new doctor role also promises no night or weekend work and a half-share in the practice, which caters to 6,000 patients.

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    The typical salary for a rural doctor in New Zealand is between $150,000-280,000 NZD.

    Kenny believes the rural location of the job – as well as issues with schooling, social life and a poor access to broadband – is turning off a lot of possible applicants. Still, $400,000 is a *lot* of cash, even in New Zealand dollars.

    Since going public with his quest to hire the World's Best-Paid Junior Doctor, Kenny says he's been flooded with "trash applications" from all over the world.


    He said there had been "dozens and dozens" of applicants who could not speak English, as well as many who did not even practice medicine.

    "The town has reacted with great hostility to my situation and the knowledge of what medical professionals earn," he said.

    "There is trash talk about me all over Facebook, and a lot of hostility from the town itself. I feel very stressed, my patients are unhappy and my staff are feeling under a lot of pressure. I have a throbbing headache and if a meaningful candidate emerges from this horrible experience I will be very surprised."

    Kenny did manage to get a few applicants he believed might be suitable for the job, but only time will tell.


    BuzzFeed News has contacted Alan Kenny's practice for further statement.

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